Pickup Truck Accessories

There are a full range of products for pick up trucks that provide mobility solutions for virtually anyone.

Pick-Up Truck Accessories

A full line of products are available to make the ever-more popular pick up truck easily accessible! Depending on your specific needs, a pick-up can be modified to simply pick-up a wheelchair or scooter or be converted into a transfer-in and drive accessible vehicle. Combine any of the following products to create the truck that’s just right for you.

BRAUNABILITY TURNY EVO AUTOMOTIVE SEATING and the Adapt-Solutions LINK SEAT systems are specifically designed for pick-up trucks allows you to transfer from your wheelchair (with or without assistance) into the driver or passenger seat. The Turning seat will then power you up and into the seated position ready to drive or ride. The Turning does not require modification to the basic vehicle, meaning that your truck’s resale value is not affected by the installation. Be sure to contact us about specific vehicle applications and options.

 The BRUNO OUTRIDER is the ideal complement to the Turning seat. This lift is designed to load and unload your scooter or wheelchair (up to 350 lbs) from the bed of your pick-up truck. Fully motorized, the lift does all the work. You simply use the handheld control to maneeuver your mobility device into the bed right next to the driver’s position.

Courtland Mobility Turny_2019_Truck
Courtland Mobility Turny_2019_Truck

The Clock ACCESS-A-TOP is a one-of-a-kind pick up truck cap system that allows you to motor the cap open and closed. The Power Topper opens to allow the OUTRIDER to load and unload your mobility device, then closes to protect everything inside the truck bed.

Motorized transfer boards like the Adapt-Solutions XL Seat are becoming more popular these days. These transfer systems allow you to transfer from your wheelchair onto a seat that raises and lowers to give you access to the relatively high seating in your pickup truck. There are many transfer board systems available. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Other lift systems are available for pickup trucks. Some can even load a folding wheelchair into the cab of the truck. Contact us for any information you require.

Happy Customers

I could not have been happier with the Roll-A-Ramp company in S.D. as well as Courtland Mobility in Burlington and how they worked seemlessly together to make a Christmas miracle come true for getting my mother-in-law (in a wheelchair) to our family’s dinner at our home. I am disappointed in myself for not posting something sooner, but I couldn’t forget again. Especially since I am contacting them again to purchase another one. Great people, excellent service and compassion from everyone. Oh, yes. The product! The ramp is excellent! Lightweight and VERY firm. Ours is 12’ long and sturdy when unrolled and laying flat. I highly recommend both companies and products!!

~ Stewart Alexander

Thank you Tom for being so friendly and considerate when you converted the van for my Grandmother. You met us on our schedule and made sure things were right. It really helps the customer and I always appreciated that.”

With kind regards, Martha Bryans

Friendly staff, attentive to the customer’s needs. Provided maintenance to a mobility device on company fleet vehicle.

~ RB Man

Great service. On time ordering with vehicle.

~ Paul Martz

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If there is a product or service for your automotive mobility needs that is not shown, please contact us, we are here to help.

For over thirty years Courtland Mobility has provided its customers with the sales and service of their specially equipped vehicles. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products and workmanship and after sales service that is second to none.

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We offer a toll-free number 1-866-847-0184 for those phoning from out of town.

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At Courtland Mobility, we understand that your vehicle plays an essential role in your accessibility. We provide the full range of conversions and tools required to satisfy your specific needs.
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